Cooltzine #1 Neglected Spaces of Your City

In May 2018 Cooltsalon established an ideas exchange model, that truly reflects the idea of ‘glocal’: a one-day simultaneous exhibition, where several cities showcased the same works to different audiences. The works came from submissions to a collaboratively created zine (“Cooltzine”); each participating city (hosting venue) then received the same exhibition assets for presentation and same zines for distribution , while contributors, hosts and attendees had the opportunity to tune into a live video stream, sneaking a peek into each other’s venues.

Partners for the project launch were Leyden Gallery (London), be’kech (Berlin), Kvaka 22 (Belgrade) and Cush.Bar (Sofia). Presenting works from Cooltzine #1 at the same time (synced local times) and taking turns to live stream videos from their premises, the four participating venues allowed audiences to be united on a local and international level. The specific brief for Cooltzine vol.1 was “Neglected spaces in YOUR city where you find inspiration”, attracting responses from different parts of the world, revealing stories and individual experiences through the means of photography, illustration and collage. The first Cooltzine edition is made by 40 contributors, from early to mid-career artists, as well as self-taught multidisciplinary practitioners and amateur photographers. Full list of Cooltzine #1 contributors profiles can be found here.

We decided to set it up as annual event, in the effort to shine light on socially active and culturally engaged establishments around the world, and as a reflection of our dedication to building connections between people and places.

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