Cooltzine #3 Changes

Contributors from around the world have joined forces to create the pages of zine vol.3 ‘Changes’. They’ve been asked to work with the same ‘base’ image, interpreting and re-imagining it, making literal changes and reflecting on the contextual ones.

Right click on each thumbnail image above to find out more about each 2020 zine co-creator.

‘Cooltzine’ refers to the annual international event, as well as the associated self-publication (zine), curated by us as an accessible exposure platform for creative practitioners at any career stage. The zine is also Cooltsalon’s first tangible asset, moving beyond the shared online space.

The content is created from Open call submissions: visual interpretations of a given topic, set by Cooltsalon (in 2018 it was “Neglected spaces in your city”, in 2019 it was “Shared space”) The first Cooltzine edition was made by 40 contributors, from early to mid-career artists, as well as self-taught multidisciplinary practitioners and amateur photographers, from across the globe. Cooltzine vol.2 was released on 18 May 2019, with 25 collaborators for the pages and the simultaneous exhibition event, taking place across Paris, London and Sofia. The production of the zine is sustained by Cooltsalon’s own resources; with the 2019 edition crowdfunded in a one-month campaign.

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