Cooltzine #5 Urban Diaries

Free downloadable version of Cooltzine vol.5 available until 27 May

“Cooltzine” vol.5 was born as a collectively curated content and narrative, built from loose pieces, connected together in pages made by each co-creator.

Our biggest experiment in collaboration and co-authorship, this zine started with 50 individual files of our own, offered to the co-creators as building blocks.

The individual files were a mix of works by our founder, which meant Cooltsalon had let go of the curatorial role – now the co-creators were to define content.

The co-creators were asked to make a shared shortlist of files and use them as the only source of imagery, but they had the freedom to adapt, mix, alter and combine these selected image files as they wish.

Selected images (copyright: Oli Gots):

Throughout the collaboration, co-creators were asked to find a shared narrative and a theme for their zine. During their guided group working meetings, the idea of “Urban Diaries” was born and embraced.

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