cooltXchange weekend: screenings programme

A selection of works reflective of the “Future Now” theme will be screened during cooltXchange weekend (15-16 May 2021), available online on this dedicated page, and in-venue via location partners in Sofia, London and Belgrade (all in-venue screenings are subject to individual confirmations).

Programme #1 “Future Now / Inherited Past” will be available on Saturday, 15 May only, and includes:

The Future (2013) a playful stripped-down animation by award-winning Brighton-based filmmaker, Alex Goddard, telling you everything you need to know about the future in a couple of minutes.

From There & No-Where Chronicles (2018) by Nice-based artist Jérémy Griffaud, a collection of animated short stories depicting an imaginary outskirt. Roads, roundabouts, shopping areas and pastures embody here an idea of “Beyond the outskirts”.

Jarman Award 2020 winner, In Vitro (al Mukhtabar), starring Hiam Abbass (Succession, Blade Runner 2049, The Swallows of Kabul), by Larissa Sansour and Søren Lind. In the aftermath of an eco-disaster, an abandoned nuclear reactor under the biblical town of Bethlehem has been converted into an enormous orchard. Using heirloom seeds collected in the final days before the apocalypse, a group of scientists are preparing to replant the soil above. In the hospital wing of the underground compound, the orchard’s dying founder, 70-year-old Dunia (Abbass) is visited by 30-year-old Alia (Maisa Abd Elhadi) – a clone born underground, who has never seen the town she’s destined to rebuild.

Programme #2 “Future Now / Felt Present” will be available only on Sunday, 16 May, and includes:

3 animation works produced by the award winning Bulgaria-based studio Compote Collective as part of their “Mark & Verse” animated poetry project (visualisations of original contemporary poems): 100% Mood (2015) by Dmitry Yagodin – an ordinary man goes through life as one of the countless cells in the body of the vast urban monster; Above Things (2019) by Ina Nikolova – ironic journey through the life recaps of a man, devoured by his own melancholy and apathy, designing everything in the foreseeable and unimaginable future; and Petya Zlateva’s Oscar-qualifying Tasks of the Day (2019) – the main heroine is looking for escape from solitude in the routine of daily tasks, but discovers madness and chaos, which overwhelm her.

EULOGY (2020) by Brooklyn-based veteran visual artist & writer Susan Silas, a motion capture video featuring a 3D scan of artist’s bust, raising questions of humanity’s drive to achieve immortality in the face of the inevitable, mourning the world, embodiment and the idea of ditching our bodies altogether, while preserving a ‘self’.

Different Kind of Heaven (2020) by Serbian artist & researcher, Sanja Anđelković, a cross genre/theme CGI film that flourished from Sanja’s time with Kair artist residency in Košice (Slovakia) in March 2020, right when the pandemic started; the work is set in a post-pandemic future, touching on the topic of unresolved environmental issues and a period of technocracy set.

To watch the films and artists videos online, use the individual live stream links below, at the specified times. NOTE: works will be only available online on the dates and for the time period mentioned below.

15 MAY (SATURDAY), 10:30 – 23:30 BST / 11:30 – 00:30 CEST / 12:30 – 01:30 EEST

The Future” (dir. Alex Goddard, UK, 2013, 1 min 49 secs)

From There & No-Where Chronicles” (dir. Jérémy Griffaud, France, 2018, 4 mins 20 secs)

In Vitro” (dir. Larissa Sansour, Søren Lind, Palestine/Denmark/UK, 2019, 27 mins 44 secs)

Winner – Jarman Award 2020; Official Selection – Locarno 2019; commissioned by the Danish Arts Foundation for the Danish Pavilion at La Biennale di Venezia 2019 and produced by Spike Island.

16 MAY (SUNDAY), 11:00 – 23:00 BST / 12:00 – 00:00 CEST / 13:00 – 01:00 EEST

“100% Mood” (dir. Dmitry Yagodin, Bulgaria, 2015, 4 mins 5 secs)

Based on the original poem by Dilyan Elenkov of the same title. Part of the animated poetry project “Mark & Verse” produced by Compote Collective.

Above Things” (dir. Ina Nikolova, Bulgaria, 2019, 4 mins 40 secs)

Based on the original poem by Stefan Ikoga of the same title. Part of the animated poetry collection “Mark & Verse” produced by Compote Collective.

Tasks of the Day” (dir. Petya Zlateva, Bulgaria, 2019, 5 mins)

Based on the poem by Stefan Ivanov of the same title. Part of the animated poetry project “Mark & Verse” produced by Compote Collective. Winner – “Best National Film” 2019 IN THE PALACE Int’l Short Film Festival

EULOGY” (dir. Susan Silas, USA, 2020, 4 mins 47 secs)

Different Kind of Heaven” (dir. Sanja Andjelkovic, Serbia, 2020, 23 mins 44 secs)

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