Not Another Online Event: Rethinking Digital Cultural Events

In such a heavily digitised world, why are digital events still not delivering to their full potential? Why do we not relate to these digital experiences the same way we do IRL? Why have we embraced video games – and online gaming – but the offer of a virtual exhibition falls flat?  

Following our own practice in the field of hybrid and multiplatform events – prior to and around the pandemic-enforced special circumstances – Cooltsalon’s team is keen to further engage with cultural events organisers and attendees alike, to find out why we “get lost in translation” when transferring offline experiences to online.

About the Online Workshop

To investigate together, we’re inviting you to take part in the one-day workshop “Not Another Online Event”, hosted (appropriately) online, on 23 October.  This is not your usual workshop where participants are given solutions, but rather solutions are born out of participants’ activities and exercises throughout the day – identifying a problem, collective ideas generation, and development of proposals. 

We’ve partnered with the Life Design Circle team to deliver a new, one-day session, which is aimed at tapping into the individual needs to discover the value and impact of online events today, and develop group ideas on how these could be more aligned with our wellbeing. Guided by an invited professional DS facilitator of Life Design Circle, you will experience a fun interactive group session, use the latest design tools for collaborative innovation and have a taste of life design – a process originating from the innovation process of design thinking.

You don’t have to be a designer!

About Life Design Circle

Life Design Circle is a community-based company empowering individuals and teams to playfully apply design for wellbeing. Currently, they offer a service called the Life Vision Workshop Journey to support organisations in empowering their employees to apply a more holistic approach to wellbeing.  

No fee to participate and registrations are open now – sign up here

And remember: this is NOT about coming up with a ready-made solution but a proposal around identified problems, and tapping into how you feel about the subject as much as what you think of it.  

Date and times: Saturday 23 October, 13:00 – 16:00 CEST / 12:00 – 15:00 BST (with breaks)*

* Full schedule breakdown will be emailed to you following registration *

Where to sign-up: 

Useful advance information:

  • All communication on the day is conducted in English
  • Full-time presence and commitment needed, as you will be working in teams – please don’t apply if you cannot commit to the full schedule
  • Employment in the creative-cultural sector is not required, but an interest in its events is welcomed 

Online platforms that will be used:


Guidelines for taking part:

  • Please use a desktop computer or laptop, not a mobile device, as the tasks and tools required will not be available on mobile
  • Phones off or muted
  • Please find a quiet spot to work in, your cameras and mics will be switched on and in use throughout the sessions 
  • Please be punctual or even join 10 minutes earlier, so you can test your digital tools in advance (connection, mic, camera, etc.)
  • Come with an open mind and explorer’s hat, ready to play with new ideas, tools and resources 

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