Open Call: Cooltsalon Facebook page takeover

Do you have an idea for an online project and/or content? Do you want our Facebook page to be your playground and a platform through which to present your ideas?

We’re accepting proposals for curated Facebook content aka “Facebook page takeover”:

managing Cooltsalon’s Facebook for 1 week, during which it could serve as your “gallery” for an online exhibition / a “diary” documenting some specific research/topic / or a communication channel for an interactive project, actively involving our followers through dialogue and/or game.

Each “takeover” will last 1 week (Thursday-Wednesday) in August.

Deadlines for proposals submission – 16:00 BST / 18:00 EEST, 28 July.

Send your idea to with subject “Cooltsalon Facebook takeover August”.

Please carefully consider the FAQs section below before applying.

We are especially keen to read proposals from participants based in the Balkans region / Eastern Europe / non-EU / non-EEA.


  • What kind of proposals? – to put it simply, if you were in charge of Cooltsalon’s Facebook page for 1 week, what would it be? What would you like to share with our followers?
  • Proposals that are solely about promoting yourself will not be accepted.
  • Proposals that involve racist/sexist/ageist content/any bias whatsoever or promoting a particular ideology will not be accepted.
  • All proposals will be reviewed by the Cooltsalon’s founders and the curatorial team.
  • There is no application fee and it is, likewise, not a paid gig.
  • This opportunity is open to everyone, no formal training required. We are, indeed, keen to see proposals from those based in the Balkans region / Eastern Europe / non-EU / non-EEA.
  • Your curated content can be in English and/or your native language with an accompanying English-language copy.
  • If confirmed, your “takeover” will start on a Thursday morning and last until Wednesday lunch time.
  • The frequency and number of posts within that timeframe is up to you and individual to each proposal.
  • There will be other (our own) content published on the Facebook page during the “window” between each “takeover” (i.e. from Wednesday lunch time until Thursday morning).
  • During your 1-week “takeover” you will be temporarily assigned as an “Editor” of the page (the rights revoked on the Wednesday, last day of your “takeover”)
  • During that 1 week you are the main authorised user and you will be held accountable for all posts. You are not permitted to change or alter the account, password, or associated email account. To acknowledge the above and for security, data and content protection, you will be asked to sign a “takeover agreement” prior to your first day.
  • Each confirmed “takeover” comes with an introduction of its “curator” (YOU) and about their practice/background/interests, etc. Each accompanying copy credits the “curator” and the author (where those are not the same) and uses any texts supplied by the participant.
  • If your proposal is confirmed, it will be your responsibility to provide the necessary content / all associated assets, but we can help you with copy writing and/or files resizing, if required.
  • We will always be on hand for any account-related queries or issues, technical glitches or general communication, but we also expect you to plan well, test in advance and respect it as teamwork.

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