Cisco Webex and Cooltsalon: supporting ART during unprecedented time

For the second consecutive year, Cisco supports and enables the Cooltsalon platform in delivering its projects. This year, artists, curators and participants will be reunited for ‘Cooltzine’ creative conference around the topic “CHANGES”. Following the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on venue operations and attendance, we have been able to reformat the event as purely digital, allowed by Cisco’s Webex platform, with participants in each panel discussion connected in a live video transmission, and be able to not only present but interact with each other and hear audience questions in real time.

There is an unprecedented increase in remote working and social distancing happening worldwide, which is growing exponentially daily. Today, due to global circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease), many who are working from home are not doing so as a perk, but as an imperative. It is the same for many different verticals.

Thus, the importance of technology in bringing people together has become more apparent than ever, which is why Cisco has been working hard over the past months to leverage its partnerships not only regarding everyday businesses, but also across different industries such as sports, arts and entertainment industries in meaningful and relevant ways.

Cisco has been in the technological business longer than any other vendor worldwide. The company is prepared to help through this demanding time, by providing timely updates, and practical advice on remote working and much more, as well as providing solutions, technology, tips, and resources to help worldwide communities during this challenging time. Find out more about Cisco’s response to Covid-19, the company’s offerings and solutions:

To join us for ‘Cooltzine’ on the 30 May, register a “seat” in the dedicated Webex virtual room:

You can also make use of the Free Webex offer to discover the platform’s benefits and features for your own projects:

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