Cooltzine vol.3 the zine available

Note: the zine has now been archived. Cooltzine vol.3, the zine, is now available for download. If you’re interested in obtaining a physical copy, please read below.

Contributors from around the world have joined forces to create the pages of zine vol.3 ‘Changes’. They’ve been asked to work with the same ‘base’ image, interpreting and re-imagining it, making literal changes and reflecting on the contextual ones. You can find out more about the contributors here.

The zine was born in 2018, a self-publication curated by Cooltsalon as an accessible exposure platform for creative practitioners at any career stage, the zine is Cooltsalon’s first tangible asset. The cycle of each edition is completed with 1-month availability as a downloadable file (free of charge), after which each volume is archived, never to be available again, unless shared by someone within the network. Each “Cooltzine” edition is deliberately limited in print run, encouraging exchange and DIY reproduction, sharing and copying material hand-to-hand, in the original zine culture spirit.

Physical copies of Cooltzine are usually presented during the one-day simultaneous event of the same name, uniting cities cross time zones and borders, and featuring live video discussions. In May 2020, following the reformatting of the event as digital, the free print run became unavailable. We have now opened the option for “print-on-demand” orders – which you can place by donating in the button below.

Donate Button with Credit Cards

We want to keep the original spirit of distributing the collaborative zine free of charge, but we are not a printing company and working with one comes at an additional expense for our artist-run platform. So we kindly ask for your help to cover the cost of printing each copy – all donations are fed back into paying for production of new zines.

Note: one donation = one zine copy.

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