“The Invisible Enemy” exhibition

Cooltsalon is hosting Shahar Tuchner’s solo exhibition The Invisible Enemy, 27 June-10 July: right here, on our website. Initiated and curated by the artist himself, it’s a ‘viral’ project: appearing and populating different sites, emulating the coronavirus. The content will become ‘live’ on the homepage on Saturday, 27 June, 17:00 UTC.

The exhibition consists of works from different years before the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, which are relevant to this period of social isolation and the new day-to-day behaviour that we all need to adopt and act upon, as well as new works created during this time. The artworks range in a variety of mediums, from video art, sculpture to installation, photography, etc., focusing on topics that are prominent at this time: e.g. hygiene, home staying, society’s handling of the situation, working in such times, future hope for better time, etc. This exhibition aims to deal with these subjects in a critical manner, but at the same time to give hope for the future. Shahar is also a Cooltzine vol.2 (2019) contributor, with his work The Bridge Waltz screened simultaneously on the day, in London, Belgrade and Sofia.

Cooltsalon doesn’t own a venue, but we produce site-specific projects with many wonderful collectives across the globe. In light of the venue and live events restrictions surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, different for each country, we’re exploring the options of generating experiences on the website.

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