“The Invisible Enemy” exhibition

Cooltsalon is hosting Shahar Tuchner’s solo exhibition The Invisible Enemy, 27 June-10 July: right here, on our website. Initiated and curated by the artist himself, it’s a ‘viral’ project: appearing and populating different sites, emulating the coronavirus. The content will become ‘live’ on the homepage on Saturday, 27 June, 17:00 UTC. The exhibition consists of works from different years before the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, which are relevant to this period of social isolation and the new day-to-day behaviour that we all need to adopt and act upon, as well as new works created during this time. The artworks range in…

Creative Walks

One of Cooltsalon’s projects in 2015-2016 was series of “Creative Walks”: guided group walks through a specifically designed route that would introduce participants to lesser known spots (and the people running them) in a specific urban neighbourhood. The “Creative Walks” in Sofia had 3 editions: ‘Creative Walk – Lozenets’ (December 2015), ‘Creative Dog Walking’ feat. Doglar (January 2016) and ‘Creative Walk – Women’s Market’ (January 2016)