Cooltzine 3: “Changes”

Cooltsalon now accepts submissions for vol.3 of the collaborative zine, “Cooltzine” – a self-publication curated by Cooltsalon as an accessible exposure platform for creative practitioners at any career stage – which is to be presented at the third simultaneous exhibition event in May 2020. To apply, please download the following assets and email your responses to by 14 January 2020. The brief: Taking the ‘mother image’ (which you can download from the link above) as starting point, please offer a visual interpretation of the subject of “Changes”. Submissions are accepted in photo, illustration and text medium (or mix…

Creative Walks

One of Cooltsalon’s projects in 2015-2016 was series of “Creative Walks”: guided group walks through a specifically designed route that would introduce participants to lesser known spots (and the people running them) in a specific urban neighbourhood. The “Creative Walks” in Sofia had 3 editions: ‘Creative Walk – Lozenets’ (December 2015), ‘Creative Dog Walking’ feat. Doglar (January 2016) and ‘Creative Walk – Women’s Market’ (January 2016)