Creative Walks

One of Cooltsalon’s projects in 2015-2016 was series of “Creative Walks”: guided group walks through a specifically designed route that would introduce participants to lesser known spots (and the people running them) in a specific urban neighbourhood. The “Creative Walks” in Sofia had 3 editions: ‘Creative Walk – Lozenets’ (December 2015), ‘Creative Dog Walking’ feat. Doglar (January 2016) and ‘Creative Walk – Women’s Market’ (January 2016)

Cooltsalon at Amaro

Back in 2014, Cooltsalon put on the first site-specific programme of exhibitions, designed especially for an independent cafe-bar in Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. Situated off the main shopping high street and away from the usual ‘going out’ routes of the city’s dwellers, Amaro baretto, albeit with great menu, needed something extra to pull in visitors. Cooltsalon came on board to curate three seasons of ‘Amaro Cooltsalon’, featuring works of the most exciting emerging photographers, artists, illustrators, designers, transformers and cultural change-makers. The series offered the makers an affordable platform for expression and the bar’s visitors an accessible way of interacting with…